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We'll it's been a while since we've posted anything on auctions so here's whats the latest we have up now!! More behind the cut of course! And be forewarned..its kinda pic heavy!
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These goggles were up on auction before but due to non paying bidder they are available again! We called them "Transistors" and are very cool especially under a blacklight! ;)

Ahh...these are one of my favs. personally that we've done. After completing them we've decided that they look sorta "Cheshire Cat" -ish..so thats what we called em ;) 4 foam falls with a great dark purple color scheme that "changes" to great UV colors when under the blacklight! How Cheshire Cat! Now you see me! Now you see me in different colors! :D

This set is one of our "Natural" Sets we did for a customer..but not quite the colors she was looking for..so we decided to put it up for someone who wants it! Great natural colors are in this set and great for any belly/ tribal dancer!

These were up for auction before but are another sad story of non paying bidder...so here we offer them again! A great industrial feel and look complete with curved horn spikes, a wonderful addition to anybodys collection of industrial cyber gear!

A new for us on eBay... double enders! Especially Candy Cane styled Double Enders! A Set of 36, these are vibrant in color and look even more vibrant under the blacklight (we love blacklights!) The photos just dont do these justice as to real life!

It's been a long time since we've put up a plastic set so here's a great "Biohazard" set we did and would you have guessed it... AWESOME under the blacklight!

And last but not least this is a custom picture frame that I created out of a laptop! Complete with gears, laptop screen, transistor paper and lights!! Fits a standard 4x6 photo or smaller! This is one of my better creations that look good on a desk or on that nightstand with a picture of your beauty! Valentines day IS comming up so why not surprise your special someone with a photo inside a custom made cyber frame?!
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