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12 Days of Holiday Goodness!! - Bitch about it all!

About 12 Days of Holiday Goodness!!

Previous Entry 12 Days of Holiday Goodness!! Dec. 15th, 2005 @ 04:12 am Next Entry

12 days of holiday specials! Ranging from boots to goggles to dreads! Oh ya! For some of you that havent been to our site recently..how do you like the new shopping cart?? Email us here and let us know your opinions ;)

Also we have a few neat things on ebay that has less than a day left!!

Inspired by a recent customer we are now offering goggle eyepatches!

Another new design called the Transistors, these are a unique favorite amongst the Jaded Dreads team! :D

A stocking that is made of blue monster fur and is HUGE! You can actually wear it as a boot its that big!

A double sided punk stocking that has a zipper on the bottom so you can just unzip and have all your goodies fall out!! haha!! No more searching for whats inside!!

Now onto the fun! (website catalog)
Onto the auctions! Not much time left!!
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